Keep Your Hygienic Tools Clean/Dry with Vikan Wall Bracket

Keep Your Hygienic Tools Clean/Dry with Vikan Wall Bracket

3rd Sep 2018

Proper storage of cleaning equipment enhances food safety and extends the shelf life of your equipment. By allowing your tools to hang off the floor, they can dry more quickly and avoid contamination. These Vikan Wall Brackets can support any color-coded program and helps with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) or 5S compliance. Color-coding is designating certain colors for tools that should be used in different zones or uses, whether that be based on hygiene zones, processed vs. raw food ingredients, or allergen contact. For example, you could use orange for seafood and black for floors.

Vikan Wall Bracket for Cleaning Tools Storage

Your food safety staff has a visual confirmation of where cleaning tools belong. And color-coding overcomes language barriers that are common in food production facilities. The wall bracket comes with four rubber clips and two side hooks to hold 4-6 tools including floor squeegees, tank/tube brushes, floor scrubs, brooms, rakes and mixing paddles. You can extend the length of the bracket system by mounting multiple brackets together adjacently. There is also a smaller wall bracket for 1-3 tools. The tools can easily snap in/out of the grips with one hand and they hold most handles. The bracket itself is made of FDA-compliant raw materials and autoclavable up to 250°F to keep your food processing facilities sanitary and clean.

In 1990, a study by Camden BRI took a survey of cooked product areas for Listeria monocytogenes and determined that the source of contamination was cleaning equipment 47% of the time (drains were 25% and floors 17%). Cleaning equipment is notorious as being a microbiological “collector” so keeping your tools clean and dry with a hygienic Vikan wall bracket will greatly minimize cross-contamination. Food Safety and Quality Assurance Managers should consider the Vikan Wall Bracket from Union Jack by visiting: It is available in 9 colors that match your brewery, winery and food production cleaning tools for a truly hygienic solution.