Hill Brush 8.5" Medium Soft Tank & Kettle Brush

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This Hill Brush 8.5" medium-soft kettle cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning tanks, vats and gullies. Polyester fill, Resin set DRS® bristles are standard and reduce filament loss. This brush is designed for heavy use in highly food sensitive areas. Fits any Hill Brush Euro-threaded handle (NOT included). Recommended handles ALH6. First developed in 1986, Resin-Set DRS® is the world’s most effective, versatile and reliable method of filament retention. DRS minimizes the risk of filament loss, which can have severe consequences in the food processing industry.

Features / Specifications

  • Dimensions 8.5"L x 5.25"W x 4"H
  • Polypropylene block
  • 1.5" medium-soft Polyester bristles
  • Retention Method: Resin-Set DRS® reduces filament loss
  • Min Usage Temperature: 0 ℉
  • Max Usage Temperature: 175 ℉
  • Available in 6 colors for HACCP food safety program
  • Fits any Hill Brush Euro-threaded handle (NOT included)
  • Made of FDA-compliant materials

Made from FDA-compliant raw materials 

Made in the UK by Hill Brush Inc.

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