Rack-Master™ Plastic Wine Barrel Racks

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  • Rack-Master™ Plastic Wine Barrel Racks
  • Rack-Master™ 2-Barrel Plastic Wine Barrel Racks
  • Rack-Master™ 2-Barrel Plastic Wine Barrel Racks
  • Rack-Master™ 4-Barrel Plastic Wine Barrel Racks
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Rack-Master’s revolutionary design helps wine makers focus more on making wine, rather than being burdened with rack and barrel maintenance issues. These plastic wine barrel racks are also ideal for distilleries and breweries that are barrel aging and have barrel rack needs. A unique, all plastic construction provides complete corrosion resistance and a gentle surface texture that protects expensive oak barrels from unnecessary handling damage. Rack-Master is also built to last with unparalleled impact strength, which resists the denting and paint chipping associated with steel racks. This proven durability is backed by the industry’s best warranty protection, offering twice the coverage of the nearest competitor.

The Rack-Master design is also very versatile in that every dimension was carefully crafted to accommodate the wine industry’s most popular barrel handling and washing equipment, and is stacking compatible with existing steel barrel rack systems, making the switch to Rack-Master a seamless change for existing winery operations.


Rack-Master Wine Barrel Racks

Features / Specifications

  • One-piece, corrosion resistant HDPE design is sanitary and easy to clean
  • Superior impact strength (no welds) to ensure safer for earthquakes
  • Reduce maintenance costs with no rusting, chipping or painting
  • Smooth surface won't damage expensive oak barrels
  • No sharp corners improves worker safety and decreases accidental damage
  • Safe for both hot and cold temps
  • Ideal for tasting rooms
  • Stackable and pallet jack accessible
  • Stacking compatibility with existing steel rack systems
  • Bung access point for easy access for stirring / sampling while stacked
  • Available in red only
  • Industry-leading 2 year warranty
  • 7" forklift channels optimize handling and clearance between stacked barrels
  • Available in 2-barrel or 4-barrel configuration
  • Ships 7 per pallet; 252 per truckload of 2 drums / 136 per truckload for 4 drums
Size Height Width Length Weight Truckload Quantity
2 Barrel 16" 31.5" 45" 35 lbs 252
4 Barrel 15" 45" 71" 108 lbs 136

Manufactured by Bonar Plastics

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Seismic Testing

Seismic testing at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) in early March 2015 confirmed these 2 barrel plastic racks passed 125% of the Napa quake’s energy at the epicenter with barrels stacked 6 high. “We actually would have passed at a 150% or higher on the Loma Prieta earthquake test, but we neglected to rotate the bottom rack, which had sustained some damage after being exposed to five other tests prior,” said Jones. See below for the videos of these tests.

UC Berkeley Seismic Testing of Plastic Wine Barrel Racks

Below is an image taken at Ideology Cellars after the Napa Valley 6.0 earthquake of 2014 showing the metal racks collapsed whereas the plastic racks withstand the tremors.

 Ideology Cellars after Napa Valley Earthquake of 2014

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