Vikan 4" Nylon Scraper with Threaded Handle

4" Nylon Scraper with Threaded Handle

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Suitable for loosening stubborn dirt like pastry, chocolate, burnt on food, etc. on smooth surfaces. The nylon blade is a good alternative to a stainless steel blade and can be used on sensitive surfaces to avoid scratches on equipment and sensitive conveyor belts. The hard blade can withstand hot surfaces when used at intervals of max. 2 minutes at a time. This scraper has a threaded grip that enables any Vikan color-coded handle to be screwed into the grips, which allows cleaning of difficult to reach areas.


  • Does NOT include Vikan handle (sold separately
  • Dimensions: 8.07" L x 3.94" W x 1.26" H
  • Nylon Material
  • Maximum Temperature: 250°F
  • FDA-Compliant Material: Yes

This product is made with FDA-compliant raw materials

Manufactured by Vikan