10" Foam Bench Squeegee in Green (Front View)

10" Foam Bench Squeegee

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This double foam blade bench squeegee provides effective removal of both water and food debris from food preparation surfaces like waist-high or tabletop benches. The cassette is detached easily for cleaning or replacement. Foam blade is white. This comes with a 6" handle but can be swapped out for any Euro-threaded Vikan handle. The cassette is detached easily for cleaning or replacement. Replacement squeegee blades 77715 and 77719.


  • 9.8" foam rubber blade
  • Durable, one-piece Polypropylene block with Polypropylene handle
  • Double splash guard for push or pull applications
  • Molded reverse edge scraper 
  • Maximum Temperature: 194°F
  • Autoclavable at temperatures up to 212° F/100° C
  • Available in multiple colors for HACCP or food safety programs
  • Made from FDA-compliant raw materials
  • Download FDA Certificate of Compliance Documentation

This product is made from FDA-compliant raw materials

Manufactured by Vikan / Remco Products