12" Soft Split Bristle Angle Broom with 51" Aluminum Handle

12" Soft Split Bristle Angle Broom with 51" Alum Handle

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The split bristle angle head broom is designed to handle fine particles like dust, flour, and powdered sugar. The soft/split bristles gently sweep away these powders without leaving residues. The broom head, made of FDA-compliant materials, comes in six colors, making it a great addition to any color-coded food safety or sanitation plan. Includes a 51" ergo-sleeved aluminum handle with matching color grip.


  • Includes 51" ergo-sleeved Aluminum handle
  • Broom Dimensions: 11.5"W x 9.25"H x 1.75"D
  • Total Length: 61.6"
  • Maximum Temperature: 250°F
  • Polypropylene block with stainless steel staples
  • Polyester soft split bristles
  • Color-coded for HACCP compliance
  • Made from FDA-Compliant Materials
  • Download FDA Compliance Documentation

Manufactured by Remco/Vikan - Remco Provides Color-Coded Tools for the Food Processing Industry