Remco 2900 Food Hoe Replacement Head in Blue

Food Hoe Replacement Head

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The Nylon Food Hoe is a unique tool that allows you to easily push or pull fruit, spent grain or other food items. The hoe is made from FDA-compliant material.  The hoe head is 11.25"W x 8"H in size and made from molded nylon construction. Great for fruits, vegetables and general food handling applications. The Food Hoe is an excellent solution for many scraping, bench top and food prep applications. The selection of color-coding options make it easy to prevent cross-contamination as part of a HACCP compliance or food safety program in any food processing facility. Handle NOT included - fits any Vikan euro-threaded handle.

Features / Specifications

This product made from FDA-compliant raw materials

Manufactured by Remco Products  - Remco Provides Color-Coded Tools for the Food Processing Industry.