Metal Detectable Pressurized Retractable Freezer Pen 25/pk

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  • BST RPEN Metal Detectable Pressurized Retractable Freezer Pen - 25/pk
  • BST RPEN Metal Detectable Pressurized Retractable Freezer Pen - 3 Colors


This retractable pen uses a pressurized cartridge that allows it to write in difficult applications including freezers. When pressure is applied to the tip the ink flows as it does not rely on gravity to deliver the ink. It writes in freezers, any position and through light dust and grease. The pen is ideal for use in freezer rooms & chilled processing areas. The pressurized ink cartridge means the pen can write continuously upside down, where other pens would fail. It can write underwater, on greasy surfaces, in freezing conditions and even in space. Body is produced from a specially formulated polypropylene mix, containing a non toxic detectable additive. Pens are detectable and rejectable by most metal detection systems, and x-ray detectable. Bodies are shatter proof, and will not splinter into small segments. Quantity 25/pk.

Our freezer pens use the Fisher Space pressurized nitrogen cartridges and can function at temperatures down to -35°F. Fisher Space is the best on the market so you will not find another freezer pen that performs this well. All ink colors are considered cryo ink as it has been developed to work in below freezing applications and is pressurized. 

BST Pens are industry renowned as the highest quality choice of stationery for use in hygiene critical food processing environments. Every feature of the pen is designed with the food industry in mind, resulting in a truly unique set of properties designed to minimize contamination risks and improve food safety. Manufactured in accordance with FDA regulations CFR 21 177.1520 olefin polymers. Also manufactured in accordance with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 8, Clause These BRC 8 Compliant pens are spring-free and designed without small parts. Metal detection is not an exact science due to many variables such as calibration, sensitivity, speed, settings and age of detectors. Please test all products before using.

Manufactured by BST Detectable Products/Detectapro

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