Choosing the Correct Bristle Type for Your Cleaning Brushes

Choosing the Correct Bristle Type for Your Cleaning Brushes

When shopping for cleaning brushes, you have a lot of options in terms of bristle type, stiffness and design. Union Jack offers a large selection of  hygienic brushes for food & beverage. And, we make it easy to shop with filters on bristle type, color, stiffness and brand (see left panel of any category page). The bristle type is critical to the effectiveness of the brush for your application. For example, if you choose a brushware that's too stiff and are working with fine powders, it will not pick up the material. In the case of stainless steel equipment, choosing a brush that is too stiff can causing scarring or scratches that allow bacteria to grow. Below, we explore the differences between each bristle type and the recommended applications for each.

Stiff Cleaning Brushes

Stiff Bristles

These are typically short/thick and excellent for  floor scrubs. They are made for scrubbing and sweeping large particles. Most grout brushes come with stiff bristles for extra scrubbing power. We also offer stiff bristled hand brushes for high temp or extra tough applications like ovens or conveyors. Avoid using stiff bristles on stainless steel equipment to avoid scarring or scratching. Click here to shop for stiff bristle brush ware.

Medium Stiffness Cleaning Brushes

Medium Bristles

Medium stiffness bristles are common in floor sweeps and moving large debris. They are excellent for both wet and dry applications. In addition, our medium bristle tank brushes are generally safe for stainless steel tanks (we recommend cleaning a small sample size to verify).

Soft Cleaning Brushes

Soft Bristles

These are often long and thin and ideal for moving fine, dry powders in bakeries. We carry a number of small particle brooms, bench brushes, and pastry/detail brushes in this category. Click here to shop for soft bristle brush ware.

Soft/Split Cleaning Brushes

Soft/Split Bristles

The soft bristle with split ends holds more water and cleaning agents, making it excellent for washing floors and surfaces. We carry both washing hand brushes and brooms in this category. Click here to learn more.

Soft/Stiff Combo Brooms

Soft/Stiff Bristles

The stiff bristles on the front of the broom loosen stubborn dirt and push heavier debris. And the soft bristles in the back of the broom sweep away loose, fine particles. We carry combo-duty and wet/dry push brooms in this category that are suitable for all areas in kitchens and restaurants.

Union Jack provides a wide selection of cleaning brushes for food & beverage manufacturers. We make it easy to shop for the right tools for your job. Our brushes are hygienic by design, making them easy to clean. Most are made of FDA-compliant materials making them safe for food contact. We help you keep your facilities clean and safe. Have any questions about the correct brush or broom for your application? Give us a call at 800-672-8119 or email us - we'll be glad to help. 

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