Why EPDM Transfer Hoses are a Great Choice for your Brewery

Why EPDM Transfer Hoses are a Great Choice for your Brewery

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. It’s a synthetic rubber that has quickly gained traction in breweries for use in transfer hoses. EPDM has superior chemical, ozone/UV and temperature resistance. It offers substantial elastic properties, making it extremely durable and giving it a high degree of abrasion and tear resistance. EPDM rubber material is known to have better durability and physical strength than natural rubber. Add in the fact that EPDM is FDA/USDA approved, and you have an ideal combination for the brewing industry. 

The transfer hoses used in breweries are subjected to increasingly harsher cleaning agents, such as caustics, used in their Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems. CIP systems typically operate at approximately 140°F-180°F, but the temperature on the source header coming out of the CIP is even higher*. EPDM liners offer strong resilience against these chemicals and high temps, while also remaining odor and taste neutral. 

Beer-loving customers will appreciate beer only tasting like . . . beer!

Product Highlight

Glidetech® EPDM Beer Transfer Hose Assembly (Tri-Clamp)

Glidetech® EPDM Beer Transfer Hose Assembly (Tri-Clamp) by TUDERTECHNICA

Union Jack carries the Glidetech® EPDM Beer Transfer Hose Assembly (Tri-Clamp). This hose assembly combines the benefits of an EPDM rubber liner with durable and quality materials. The result is a premium grade, extra flexible suction and delivery hose that is designed for increased strength and hardness for coupling retention, and is ideal for beer. The corrugated, glossy cover is superior to porous covers that collect dirt over time. This hose cover is chemical, oil, and abrasion resistant, non-marking and easy to clean. The corrugated cover also allows the flow of water when lying on the floors where other hoses cause water to puddle. 

Featured Specifications (CLICK HERE for full specs on the product page):

  • Available bumpers to protect fittings (made of EPDM)
  • Fittings made of Type 304 stainless steel, crimped full flow ferrules (making them resistant to product being stuck in the hose)
  • Phthalates free
  • Hose made in Italy and assembled in the USA

The Gray color is available for 1" and 1-1/2" ID. The Green color is available for 2" ID (offered in 5-50 ft. lengths, but custom lengths available).

Union Jack is dedicated to making sure you have the best options for sanitation and cleaning in your facility. 

Union Jack -- Your Partner in FSMA /HACCP Compliance


Jun 14, 2023

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