Do Your Metal Detectable Products Measure Up?

Do Your Metal Detectable Products Measure Up?

Union Jack understands the importance of contaminant detection in the food/beverage processing and pharmaceutical industries. A single recall due to foreign object contamination can cost millions of dollars, result in bad press, affect contracts with large retail operators and invite lawsuits against both the processor and the retail entity selling the product. For companies using metal detection as part of FDA-mandated HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) /GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) programs, the quality and performance of metal detectable products being used in your facilities is critical to the safety of your customers. Make sure your metal detectable products are the best on the market. The outcomes are too important to focus on the lowest price or untested products which often equate to low quality or high failure rates.

Union Jack carries only the highest quality metal detectable products with the goal of zero percent foreign object detection from leading manufacturers like BST, Detectapro, Remco and HellermannTyton. We offer metal detectable pens, markers, cable ties/zip ties, keyhole tags, badge holders, knives, scrapers, scoops, shovels and paddles. All of our metal detectable products are tested and designed to minimize contamination risks and improve food safety, and they come in color-coded options to further strengthen your HACCP program. They are 100% detectable and rejectable.


Metal Detectable Pens & Markers - We offer the BST Detectable Products/Detectapro brand of detectable pens and markers. BST is the leader in the industry. As the original developers of detectable products, they offer the highest quality products for use in hygiene critical food/beverage and drug processing environments. These pens and markers are designed to minimize contamination risks and serve as key components of successful HACCP/GMP programs. Our pens use top quality components, reducing the failure rate you experience in inferior/less expensive products. For example, our freezer pens use the Fisher Space Pen brand of pressurized ink cartridges that perform under the most extreme conditions -- in temperatures from -30ºF to +250ºF, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle–even upside down. Manufactured in accordance with FDA regulations CFR 21 177.1520 olefin polymers, the specially formulated polypropylene mix contains a detectable additive that is non-toxic. The bodies are shatter proof so they will not splinter into small segments, spring-free and designed without small parts, adhering to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 8, Clause All ink is non-toxic, xylene free and low odor.

Options include:

  • Stick Pens with Clip or no Clip
  • Retractable Pens with Clip or Lanyard
  • Rollerball Pens
  • Freezer Pens
  • Markers – Fine tip
  • Hi-Lighters
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Permanent Markers
  • Meat and Cheese Markers

Click here to check out our Pens and here for our Markers.

Metal Detectable Cable Ties – We offer the HellermannTyton brand of detectable cable ties. HellermannTyton is a global leader in cable management and protection products, identification systems and network connectivity solutions. Their innovative products are FDA-compliant and designed to meet the strictest quality standards while delivering reliable implementation. Proprietary processes in material development, delivery and manufacturing result in products that consistently perform beyond specification. HellermannTyton’s metal detectable cable tie/zip tie was specifically designed to meet food safety standards. Purpose-built to minimize the risk of contamination and available in blue for high visibility and for color-coding, it’s an essential product to help meet HACCP standards set in the food/beverage processing industries. A uniform dispersion of metal content in all cable ties and mounts, including the heads, makes fragments easily detectable. The result of HellermannTyton’s design is a quality and highly reliable product key to reducing the risk of contamination and the possibility of costly recalls.

Options include:

6”, 8”, 15” Blue Cable Ties

  • Suited for electrical cabling application in areas adjacent to the manufacturing process
  • Extreme temperature and chemical resistance
  • Conforms to the HACCP approach
  • Quality and verification based on development expertise and rigorous testing

Click here to check out our selection of cable ties.

Metal Detectable Paddles & Scrapers – We offer the Remco brand of detectable paddles and scrapers as part of our suite of metal detectable products. Remco is a leader in color-coded hygiene tools with a full line of color-coded metal detectable tools designed to help mitigate the risk of cross-contamination and foreign material contamination. Specially formulated FDA-compliant polypropylene resin is combined with a semi-ferrous additive, making tools identifiable by standard metal detection equipment. The tools are chemical resistant and autoclavable. The solid one-piece construction makes them easier to clean and prevents bacteria growth in seams or hard angles. The metal detectable line is available in four colors to support HACCP color-coding programs, and hygienic safety programs in food/beverage processing and pharma facilities.

Options include:

  • 52" Mixing Paddles/Scrapers
  • Small & Large Hand Scrapers
  • Bench Scrapers

Click here to check out our metal detectable paddles and scrapers.

As food/beverage and pharma processors, you are conscious of the challenges faced in detecting contamination with foreign objects, especially plastic objects. It is important that your metal detection products are of high quality, thoroughly tested, and reliable. Make the right choice and check out all our metal detectable products at .

Quick Summary:

  • Eliminate costly recalls from foreign objects
  • All products are 100% metal detectable
  • All products are FDA-compliant
  • Critical part of any QA program
  • Fully insured suppliers

Successful Metal Detection Program

The key to a successful metal detection program is calibration. Every processing facility must calibrate its detectors to the food it is processing and then set them to a threshold. The threshold is determined by the company in regards to the size of contaminant it wants to reject. Other factors include the type of food, speed of line, and distance of the product passing under the detector. Metal detection is not an exact science due to many variables such as calibration, sensitivity, speed, settings and age of detectors. Please test all products before using.

Want to know more about the technical aspects of metal detection? Click here.

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Jan 15, 2019

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