10 Essential Tools for Your Brewery or Winery | Union Jack

10 Essential Tools for Your Brewery or Winery | Union Jack

Great Beer & Wine Deserves Great Tools! Here’s your go-to list for the 10 essential tools for your brewery, cidery or winery…

1. Food Hoe

When graining out or cleaning out your tanks, you need a durable and hygienically designed food hoe that won’t cause scratches or damage. Our hoe is made from FDA-compliant material. It has a molded nylon head and an ergonomic sleeved handle, making it safe for your stainless steel or copper tanks, easy to use and easy to clean. Our  food hoe with 60” handle is the most popular length -- for those needing some extra reach it also comes with a  67” handle. And, color-coding options make it easy to keep your food hoe in the correct area of your brewery or winery to keep track of your tools and prevent cross-contamination.

2. Bins for Spent Grain

New FSMA GMP regulations require you to handle spent grains properly when used for human or animal feed. This includes, at a minimum, choosing containers that are approved for food contact, easy to clean, and distinguishable from garbage. Our Spent Grain Containers meet these requirements and more. They are made of USDA/FDA approved materials that are sturdy, transportable via pallet jack or forklift, and won’t break your back. They are light enough to move by hand when empty and nest/stack for easy storage/transport. They measure 48" L x 40" D x 31" H, hold up to 190 US gallons and up to 1,500 lbs. They are available in 4 colors which makes them easily distinguishable from trash and chemical/physical contaminants like glass, metal, etc. Best of all, they come with optional lids to keep the pests and smells away while you wait for your farmer to pickup.

Don’t spend money on regular trash bins that don't meet FSMA requirements for food safety, need frequent repair/replacement, and aren’t suited for the job. Get your spent grain containers from Union Jack and prepare for your next audit from the FDA or Dept. of Agriculture.

3. Squeegee

The squeegee is your go-to tool for cleanup after graining out or hosing down your floors – or anytime you give your floors a good washdown. We offer a variety of widths in  double bladed rubber or single bladed rubber, or foam bladed squeegees. Rubber blades are best for smooth concrete floors and foam blades are better for tile, grout or uneven floors. The squeegees are color-coded for correct placement and use in your brewery or winery.

4. Shovel

A sturdy and hygienic shovel is a smart tool to add to your brewhouse or crush pad assortment. Whether you need it to help transfer fruit or during graining out, a hygienic shovel will stay cleaner and be easier to maintain. Our shovel is made of a solid piece of FDA-compliant polypropylene, making it lightweight (2.9 lbs.) and virtually indestructible. This  38” shovel comes in color-coded options and is the food industry standard.

5. Tank Brush (Medium Bristle)

If you are a brewery, your brew kettle, mash tun and lauter tuns all need a good scrub after brewing a batch of beer. If you are a winery, your fermentation tanks and crush pad equipment do, too. And, our  medium bristle tank brush is the tool for the job. The medium bristles are strong enough to clean your equipment’s interior walls without damaging them. This brush is also great for cleaning the outside of your fermentation tanks and other vessels. With its 60” ergonomic sleeved handle, you’ll be all set to clean out your tanks, vats and bins. Made from FDA-compliant materials and color-coded, your tank brush will meet your hygienic practice needs.

6. Tube & Valve Brush Set

You have a lot of tubes, valves and fittings helping you make your brews and wine – in a lot of different sizes. We’ve created an ideal brush kit to keep them clean. Our tough  5-Piece Tube and Valve Brush Kit includes 2 soft and 3 stiff brushes in a variety of diameters, and comes in color-coded options. Featuring low water absorption polyester bristles, polypro grips, and stainless-steel shafts for great flexibility, these are the best hygiene tube and valve brushes available anywhere. If you need a flexible rod brush for cleaning hard-to-reach sight glasses or curved pipes, check out the 9-Piece Tube & Value Brush Kit

7. Drain Brush

Every brewery and winery needs a sturdy and lightweight drain brush to keep your drains clean. Plus, you may have wider tubes, or equipment end points that can’t be reached with shorter-handled brushes. Our  3”4” or 8” Floor Drain Brushes have both front and side bristles for thorough cleaning. Our 24”, 36” or 53” handles have a smooth, chemically-resistant gel-coat surface and are imprinted with “For Drain Use Only”. This drain brush won’t be mistaken for any other use.

8. Wash Down Hose

Brew house and winery floors get plenty of wash downs – don’t forget to include a high-quality wash down hose in your list of essential tools. Check out our premium  Blue Fortress 300® hose. Available in 25’, 50’ and 75’ lengths, its cover is abrasion and oil-resistant, and has Microban® antimicrobial protection. The Blue Fortress 300® wash down hose helps keep itself and your floor sanitary.

9. Wash Down Nozzle

You’ve got the right wash down hose, now top it off with a sturdy wash down nozzle. Our  Mid-Size Wash Down Nozzle, available in brass or stainless steel, will make sure you’ve got the power (150 psi) and connection (3/4” GHT) to get your job done. And, its safety shut off trigger will make sure you don’t wash down anything (or anyone) you don’t intend to. If you prefer front trigger and/or just want something bigger, check out our Vikan Commercial Nozzle which comes in even more color options.

10. Wall rack

Organize your tools with the right wall rack. Storing your tools properly extends their life and keeping them off the floor allows for complete drying and helps prevent contamination. Our wall racks are designed to last, with either  one rubber clip with two side hooks (up to 3 tools), four rubber clips (up to 6 tools), or four rubber clips with two side hooks (4-6 tools). You can also hang several in-line to create a wider wall rack set up. They come in color-coded options to coordinate with your tools for a comprehensive color-coded plan.

Sanitization is a critical part of your brewing and wine-making process. Make sure you have the best tools available. Our quality, hygienically designed and color-coded tools will last longer, and help you keep your brewery and winery sanitary and up to food safety standards. And, we all know beer and wine is delicious! Let us help you keep it clean.

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Jun 17, 2018

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